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When trucking around the East Providence, Cranston and Pawtucket areas, Stateline Nissan wants to make sure that you know everything you need to know about your new 2017 Nissan Titan. That knowledge includes the lights on your dashboard. These lights can be easy to understand, like the one that looks like a passenger with a seatbelt on or a car with a door open, but sometimes they are not all so simple.

Using this helpful light guide, learn all the 2017 Nissan Titan dashboard symbols. Never worry again about an unknown warning light coming on while you're driving. With this guide, you will know what they mean and, most importantly, what you should do to protect your Titan and yourself.

Nissan Titan Warning Lights

These lights are the ones to watch out for. Either amber or red in color, warning lights alert you when something is wrong. Some are minor while others can indicate issues that are fairly severe. Make sure you know what lights point to your Nissan Titan requiring service.

  • Anti-lock Brakes: This light appears as the letters ABS and indicates an issue with your anti-lock braking system.
  • Automatic Transmission Check: Appearing as the words AT CHECK, this light indicates that your truck's automatic transmission isn't working correctly. Get this one checked right away.
  • Brake Warning: Represented by an exclamation inside a circle, this light could mean one of two things - either you left your parking brake on or the brake fluid is running low. If it's the latter, get your truck serviced immediately.
  • Charge Warning: This light looks like a battery and indicates a malfunction with your electrical system. Inspect the generator belt, and if it's damaged, loose or missing altogether, get your truck serviced.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Low: This easy-to-remember light looks like an oil can and indicates low oil pressure.
  • Coolant Temperature High: This light appears as a submerged thermometer and means that your engine is getting too hot. If you see this, pull over as soon as you can to let the engine cool.
  • Low Tire Pressure: Not only will you see a light that looks like an exclamation point inside two curved lines like a deflated tire, but the words CHECK TIRE PRESSURE will appear in the information display. Time to refill your tires.
  • Malfunction Light: This light looks like an engine and marks an issue with either the emissions control system or an engine misfire. It may also appear if your fuel cap is loose, but if that's not the case, get your truck serviced immediately.

Indicator Lights

These lights shouldn't cause you stress. They only serve to notify you when one of the many features of the Nissan Titan is activated. Typically appearing as blue or green, indicator lights are easy to tell apart from warning lights.

  • Fog Lights: In contrast to the headlight with a set of horizontal lines, the fog lights indicator appears as a headlight with slanted lines intersected by a vertical curvy line. This means that your fog lights are active.
  • Security Indicator: This light looks like a key inside a car and proves that the truck's security system is working.
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control: Appearing as a vehicle with curved treads coming from it, this light verifies that your vehicle dynamic control system is active. This activates when you are driving over slippery conditions and your truck is automatically compensating.

Nissan Titan Dashboard Symbols - Schedule Service

If you see any troublesome warning lights and need to have your Nissan Titan serviced, take it to Stateline Nissan. For drivers in the East Providence, Cranston and Pawtucket areas, the service team at Stateline Nissan knows your truck inside and out. With their expert knowledge, your truck will be back on the road in no time without those pesky warning lights staring you down.

Visit Stateline Nissan or call (888) 657-2426 to schedule a service appointment and make sure your Nissan Titan stays on the road for years to come.