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What’s the Difference Between the Nissan Maxima, Altima, and Sentra?

If you’re like many consumers throughout East Providence, Pawtucket, and Cranston, then you might be interested in driving a sedan. While there are a variety of high-quality sedans you could choose this year, your best decision is choosing one of the new 2017 Nissan sedans, including the Maxima, the Altima, and the Sentra.2017 Nissan Maxima (1)

These three sedans provide some of the best features on the market today. However, if you’ve never driven a Nissan sedan before, you might be wondering what’s the difference between the Nissan Maxima, Altima, and Sedan. Learn about the difference between these three models so you can decide which sedan is right for you.

Nissan Maxima

The 2017 Nissan Maxima is considered to be a sports sedan, and is one of the leading models in Nissan’s product lines. As a sports car, the Maxima has one of the most attractive exteriors you’ll find on any sedan. It also offers an impressive engine capable of up to 300 horsepower.

On the inside of the Maxima, you’ll find up 98.6 cubic feet of space, and technology features like a NissanConnect infotainment system and Sirius XM Satellite Radio. In addition, the Maxima provides advanced safety features like predictive forward collision warning, forward emergency braking, and blind spot warning.

Nissan Altima

If you’re looking for a sleek mid-size sedan, your best option is the 2017 Nissan Altima. Although slightly larger than the Maxima, the Altima also provides a sporty exterior that consumers in Cranston, East Providence, and Pawtucket will be sure to love.

The major advantage that the Altima has over the Maxima and Sentra is interior space. The Altima possesses the largest interior of all the Nissan sedans with 101.9 cubic feet of volume. Driving the Altima means having access to several advanced technology features, too, including a driver-assist display, NissanConnect with NissanConnect Services, and Intelligent Cruise Control.

However, the Altima has slightly less engine performance than the Maxima—it’s standard engine is capable of 182 horsepower and its more advanced engine can produce 270 horsepower.

Nissan Sentra

Consumers looking for a slightly lower profile vehicle should consider the 2017 Nissan Sentra, a compact car with advanced features. Similar to both the Maxima and the Altima, the Sentra provides a sharp, athletic exterior that will be sure to please discerning consumers everywhere.2017 NIssan Sentra(c)

While the Sentra doesn’t possess the engine power that you’ll find with the Maxima and Sentra, it does offer impressive fuel economy. For example, the standard Sentra 1.8L engine provides an EPA-estimated 37 mpg on the highway, and the 1.6L turbocharged engine provides an EPA-estimated 33 mpg on the highway. The Sentra also includes NissanConnect with NissanConnect Services for your entertainment and convenience.

Which Sedan Should You Choose?

Every Nissan sedan has its distinct benefits, meaning that the right sedan for you is primarily a matter of preference. If you need help deciding whether you should drive the Nissan Maxima, Nissan Altima, or Nissan Sentra, you need to visit Stateline Nissan today.

Our knowledgeable, experienced sales staff can tell you about the advantages of each of these vehicles and can help you decide which of these models best meets your needs. Stop by Stateline Nissan today and start the search for your next Nissan Sedan, or get a head start by scheduling a test drive online today!