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What Is Considered a Low-Mileage Used Car?

odometer readingThere’s a lot to consider when shopping for a used car, such as its condition, maintenance history, accident reports, and much more. Many drivers use mileage as the major determining factor in choosing a used car, but that begs the question, “what is considered a low-mileage used car?”

If you’re shopping for a used car in East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket, find out what the average mileage is for a used car, as well as some other factors to consider when choosing your next vehicle. The team at Stateline Nissan is ready to help you find your next new-to-you car!

What Is Considered a Low-Mileage Used Car?

“Low-mileage” is thrown around a lot in the used car market, but what those numbers actually are can vary widely between sellers. If you’re trying to figure out whether a vehicle has truly low mileage, keep in mind that the average mileage for a car is about 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year.

Nissan Altima redOnce you do the math, you can see if the car you’re considering falls within that average. Keep in mind that older cars are more likely to have higher mileage overall, even if they have low mileage in respect to their age.

Why Is Low-Mileage Valuable?

As vehicles age, they become more susceptible to wear and tear that can lead to repairs or more frequent maintenance. Due to this, used-car buyers look for low-mileage vehicles that are presumed to last longer than their high-mileage counterparts in an effort to get as close to “new” as possible.

No matter what the mileage is, however, it’s only part of the overall equation. Though low-mileage cars are desirable, there’s more to consider when deciding if your used car is right for you.

Other Considerations

servicing a pre owned carEven if a vehicle has low mileage, you want to ensure that it has received all of the necessary maintenance before selecting it as your next car. To do so, you can check out its vehicle history report, which provides an array of useful information about the car’s history, such as any major maintenance it’s undergone as well as any reported accidents it’s been involved in.

By knowing more about a used car’s history, you can ensure that it has received the routine maintenance it needs to run efficiently, which includes regular oil changes, tire rotations, and its annual inspection. Once you’ve found a low-mileage used car that has stayed on top of its maintenance, you’re one step closer to driving home in a new-to-you car.

How Low Is Too Low?

In many cases, lower miles are better than higher miles. If a car’s mileage is too low, however, that can lead to a different set of potential issues.

Cars need to be driven regularly to stay in good condition. The many moving components and small yet vital parts can become brittle and deteriorate if a vehicle sits for too long, which can lead to major repairs in the future if left untouched.

If a vehicle has mileage well below the average per year, find out why. If a vehicle is garaged in winter, for example, and cared for properly otherwise, excessively low mileage isn’t a concern. If a vehicle was driven initially, then left untouched in a garage for years, however, the low mileage could be an indicator of problems to come.

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Now that you know what to look for in your next used car, it’s time to go shopping. At Stateline Nissan, we have a wide selection of low-mileage used cars, trucks, and SUVs in a variety of makes and models. We’re always happy to assist drivers in East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket, so contact us or stop by our showroom today to take a look!

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