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5 Reasons to Attend WaterFire Providence®

If you’re looking for one of the most amazing outdoor activities that New England has to offer, check out WaterFire Providence®, a non-profit arts organization that celebrates creativity and community together through its presentation of WaterFire.

WaterFire, a sculpture by Barnaby Evans, is largely celebrated by residents and visitors of Providence, RI. A keepsake of this awesome city, WaterFire has become an amazing event for locals and a tourist attraction for over 20 years. Keep reading to find out why!

1. History in the Making

As now one of Providence’s greatest attractions, award-winning WaterFire is continuously expanding by adding more braziers. Beginning with just one in 1994, it’s now expanded to over 200 lightings today.

2. A Sense of Community

Bringing both residents and visitors of Providence together, this event has escalated and accentuated the Providence nightlife and community. Residents have worked hard together to expand this artistic ritual and keep it alive for the past 23 years.

3. The Perfect Date Night

What could be more romantic than taking a stroll around Waterplace Park while over 200 bonfires are lighting up the water? We can’t think of much! Enjoy the restaurants and shops of downtown Providence, and then head over to the park to watch the magic light up while enjoying music, local artists, and food vendors.

4. Integrating Arts

Not only will you experience an incredible art show through WaterFire, but local artists are encouraged to set up booths to showcase their work during the event. There’s also a music program that accompanies WaterFire Providence.

5. Leave Your Own Light

You can become a part of the ceremony by offering a donation in exchange for a paper lantern with your name, wish, or remembrance on it. Or, you can receive a Ribbon of Light, a blue necklace that’ll make you feel as though you’re helping to light up the park!

Now that you’ve gotten the scoop on what WaterFire Providence is all about, be sure to put it on your bucket list the next time you’re in the Providence area. Don’t forget to also check out the WaterFire Providence website for the most up-to-date info on upcoming events.