Vehicle Comparisons:
2018 Nissan Sentra vs 2018 Toyota Corolla

If there’s any one sector in the automotive industry that’s the most competitive, it’s arguably the small sedan sector. Even in a world of crossovers, these small cars continue to rule the roads, from Cranston to Pawtucket and all over the East Providence area.

Of course, some sedans are perennial winners, setting the standards for the others. Two of these are the Nissan Sentra and the Toyota Corolla. But which one is best for your practical driving needs?

To help answer that question, we here at Stateline Nissan compared the 2018 Nissan Sentra and the Toyota Corolla in a head-to-head battle. We’ll go over what these vehicles offer, so that you can decide which is right for you. Read all about them below, and contact us if you have any questions.

2018 Sentra vs 2018 Corolla: Interior Space

The Sentra offers plenty of space for five passengers, especially up front. It has 39.4 inches of headroom and 42.5 inches of legroom. The Corolla, on the other hand, has just 38.3 inches of front headroom and 42.3 inches of front legroom.

And if you need space for grocery bags, sports equipment, or other items, the 2018 Sentra offers 15.1 cubic feet of cargo room. Unfortunately, the Corolla only has 13 cubic feet of cargo room. As a result, you may not be able to fit all your needed items inside the vehicle’s trunk.

Sentra vs Corolla: Performance Specs

Both vehicles are powered by a standard 1.8L 4-cylinder engine, and are pretty close in horsepower ratings (130 hp in the Sentra and 132 hp in the Corolla).

It’s where the differences in performance lie that really makes the Nissan Sentra shine. While the base engine in both vehicles is very similar, the upgraded engine in each is wildly different. The higher end engine for the Corolla delivers just 140 horsepower and 126 lb-ft of torque.

The upgraded engine for the Sentra, by comparison, is a turbocharged 1.6L engine that delivers 188 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque, far more than the Corolla.

Media & Technology

Likewise, one thing that the Corolla doesn’t have is the NissanConnect® technology that powers the Sentra’s full infotainment system. While Toyota does offer a great suite of technology features, NissanConnect® allows you to combine all of your security, safety, infotainment, and GPS navigation features into one neatly integrated system, all of which are controlled right from your smartphone.

With NissanConnect®, you can do everything from unlocking the doors and starting the car remotely, streaming music wirelessly, and calling for help if you have an accident. It all works right from your mobile device, anywhere, anytime. Toyota simply can’t offer that.

Test Drive the Sentra Today!

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