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Top Software Companies near East Providence

2018 Nissan Murano

Software makes the world go around. Whether its on an app, an office computer, or the trip computer in your car, technology accelerates the world.

The lineup of Nissan vehicles all feature cutting edge technology that’s easier to get your hands on through the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program. It gives employees from participating businesses the opportunity to streamline the process of getting a stylish new Nissan.

To find out more about the program and companies that are helping improve our day-to-day business operations, check out these top software companies near East Providence.

Rocket Software

If you believe that software should adapt, you’ll love Rocket Software. Since 1990 they’ve grown to over 30 offices worldwide by providing solutions on the back end for industries from finance to IT to healthcare and retail.

With a team of professionals whose sole focus is on providing quick, reliable customer service, they’re able to serve clients with quick resolutions, advanced analytics, and reliable data processes.

You can count on them to optimize all their solutions on useful, convenient platforms too, like IBM i, IBM Z, and MultiValue.

To learn more about how they’re able to succeed in a variety of industries like government, schools, and corporations, follow Rocket Software on Facebook.

Sensata Technologies

If you’re interested in programs that are constantly working to improve both the environment and safety, and respect companies with a longstanding reputation, check out Sensata Technologies.

With over a hundred years of experience in helping to improve efficiency and energy consumption, they’ve grown to over 20,000 employees worldwide working on products to assist with industries like telecommunications, military operations, and automotive services.

Their mission has always been to help engineers create smarter and more autonomous operations in the world’s most significant industries. By working to create and improve software in so many different industries, they are constantly evolving and expanding on new ideas.

Follow Sensata Technologies on Facebook to stay up to date on their latest news and developments.


Managing a large operation takes a user-friendly software. A fleet of rental and loaner cars is no different. That’s why there’s TSD. They’ve been an industry leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) since 1983.

With a focus on customer service, their support staff has become trusted by rental and loaner outlets ranging from major rental companies to independent dealerships to company courtesy cars.

Their web-based fleet management software makes it easy to find solutions for a fleet of any size. The combination of industry knowledge and innovation results in advanced software to help clients get better performance.

For updates on the auto and rental industries, plus up to date news on the times of year with the heaviest traffic and demand for rentals, follow TSD on Facebook.

Speeding Toward the Future

With programming this innovative and reliable, clients can always count on these top software companies near East Providence to move their industry forward. To learn more about them and their involvement with the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program, visit Stateline Nissan.