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Synthetic vs Conventional Oil

One of the most convenient, simplest ways to keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance is by having an oil change regularly. But did you know that there are actually options when it comes to what kind of oil you put in your vehicle?

That’s why our team at Stateline Nissan has come up with this guide to synthetic vs. conventional oil, so that drivers in Pawtucket, East Providence, and Cranston know which option is better for their vehicle and driving needs.

Synthetic Oil vs Conventional Oil: The Big Differences

While there are many big differences between synthetic and conventional oil, many drivers prefer the synthetic option for the following reasons…

  • Added lubricants: While engine oil is designed to prevent parts from rubbing together, synthetic oil has added lubricants that aid in this prevention.
  • Less frequent changes: When you opt for synthetic oil over conventional, your oil changes will reduce to about once a year, or every 15,000 miles in some cases.
  • Maintains consistency: While conventional oil tends to thin out when temperatures rise, synthetic oil keeps its thickness at all temperatures.
  • Less deposits: Synthetic oil leaves very little, if any, deposits on engine surfaces, while conventional oil has the tendency to do so.

Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional?

The most accurate way to tell if you should make the switch from conventional to synthetic oil is by looking in your owner’s manual to decide which option fits your vehicle the best. Essentially, synthetic oil lasts longer, which many would consider a larger saving in the long run.

Switching from conventional to synthetic oil as your engine gets older is also a good way to keep your engine running like new. Since synthetic oil leaves less deposits on the engine, many vehicle owners start off with conventional oil, but later make the switch.

Choosing synthetic oil over conventional also depends on what you’ll be using your vehicle for. If you’re commuting back and forth to work every day, conventional oil will be just fine. But if you tend to take longer trips, or carry heavy equipment, you may want to consider switching to synthetic.

Synthetic vs Conventional: The Verdict

Although it might seem like we prefer one oil over another, we certainly aren’t against conventional oil. Your vehicle might be completely fine running on conventional oil—it just depends on the several factors we discussed.

Your vehicle’s age, make, model, and use determine whether you should make the switch from conventional to synthetic oil. Essentially, your owner’s manual will give you the most accurate conclusion.

And, of course, you can always contact our service center at Stateline Nissan to get our opinion on which oil will work best for your specific vehicle. We proudly serve the Pawtucket, East Providence, and Cranston areas, and we’ll be happy to get you acquainted with the oil that’ll help your vehicle last for years to come. Schedule your service today!