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Signs Your Oil Needs Changing

Drivers in the East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket areas know that the oil change is one of the most common forms of automotive service. Oil is crucial for your vehicle’s performance and well-being. However, when do you know that it’s the right time to have your oil changed?

Luckily, there are a few signs that your oil needs changing. Our team at Stateline Nissan is going to help by listing the five signs your oil needs changing. After reading this helpful guide, you’ll keep your eyes and ears open so you can know the best time to schedule an oil change.

Why Your Oil Needs Changing

Oil is crucial to your vehicle’s performance and well-being. Without it, your vehicle would simply seize up and not function properly. Oil lubricates the moving metal parts in your vehicle and it keeps them cool. The oil helps reduce the friction and heat generated by these moving metal parts so that your vehicle can perform smoothly. When your oil is low or dirty, you’ll need to change it so your vehicle can perform as expected without any issues.

Oil Change Signs

Check Engine/Oil Change Light

This sign may seem a little obvious, but it shouldn’t be ignored. This system gets the message from a sensor inside your oil tank. This sensor can detect when your oil is low. When this light comes on, find a spot to pull over and check your oil level using the dipstick. If your oil is low, you should contact your car dealer and don’t resume your journey.

Loud Engine Performance

Drivers love the sound of their engine. However, there are a few sounds that drivers should worry about. The most common sound is a metallic clanging, but you shouldn’t rule out clicking, or even knocking. When you hear these sounds, you should check to see when your last oil change was. You most likely need to have it changed again.

Burning Oil Smell

Have you recently noticed a burning oil smell? You shouldn’t be able to smell your engine’s oil from inside the cabin. But when you do smell it inside the cabin, you should check your engine temperature level. This is usually a preliminary hint that your engine is about to overheat due to low or dirty oil.

Dirty Oil

When oil first goes into your engine, it has a golden-brown appearance. After it’s worked its way through the metal parts for a while, it’ll begin to pick up dirt and debris. Over time, your oil will become black, gritty, and less effective at lubricating the metal parts. You can notice this when you check your oil level with the dipstick.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

It’s never a good sign when you see smoke bellowing out of your exhaust pipe. While this can be common in the winter due to the brisk temperature, it shouldn’t be a common occurrence. This is usually a sign that you have a leak, and that it’s your oil that’s causing the excessive exhaust smoke. Have the system checked as soon as possible.

Oil Change East Providence RI

It’s important to take active measures toward getting an oil change if you notice any of these signs. You should also keep an eye on your odometer and take note of the last mileage that you’ve had your oil changed. But, of course, if you notice any of these signs while you’re out on the road, you can always schedule an oil change with us at Stateline Nissan.

Stateline Nissan proudly serves drivers all across the East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket area.

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