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Nissan Titan Maintenance Schedule

The Nissan Titan is one of the best trucks on the road today. It is also the perfect choice for any consumer in East Providence, Cranston and Pawtucket looking for a vehicle built for both work and play. If you want your Titan truck to always perform the way that you need and deserve, then it’s important that you follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.

By sticking to your Titan maintenance schedule, you’ll be able to avoid major problems and keep your truck smoothly on the road well into the future. Learn more about your Nissan Titan service schedule and find out why you should always schedule service with a trusted local dealership.

5,000 Mile Maintenance

Some of the tasks on your Titan service schedule will need to be performed every 5,000 miles. Fortunately, the tasks are very simple and can be completed with minimal effort. After you’ve accumulated 5,000 miles on your Titan, or have driven your vehicle for six months, you will need to have your engine oil and engine oil filter replaced. This will protect your engine from wear and tear, and will ensure it functions the way that you need.

15,000 Mile Checkup

Once your Titan has reached the 15,000 mile marker, you will need to schedule a service appointment with your local dealership. This maintenance check will include the standard engine oil and engine filter change, as well as a few other items.

For instance, your tires will need to be rotated and your cabin air filter will need to be changed if necessary. Your Titan will also undergo inspections of the driveshaft propeller, the cruise control vacuum hoses, the brake system and the transaxle fluid.

30,000 Mile Inspection

After the 15,000 mile maintenance appointment, you will not need to schedule intensive service for your vehicle until you have reached the 30,000 mile mark. However, at this point, you will need to schedule a thorough inspection of your vehicle to ensure it continues to function.

As you might expect, the 30,000 mile service appointment includes the same tasks as the 15,000 mile check. In addition, your Titan’s major systems will be examined and may be replaced if they’ve experienced too much wear and tear. Some of the items that will be performed at this maintenance check include a steering system inspection, a check of your fuel and exhaust system and an examination of your suspension components.

You will need to schedule this same service appointment every 30,000 miles to make sure your Nissan Titan always runs the way that you want and need.

Stateline Nissan Routine Maintenance

After learning a little about the recommended maintenance schedule for your Nissan Titan, you are prepared to get your vehicle the regular service that it deserves. To get answers to your questions about the Nissan Titan maintenance schedule, be sure to visit the experienced service and parts department at Stateline Nissan.

The service professionals at Stateline Nissan are ready, willing and able to help you follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. We can help you service your vehicle and can handle any major repairs you may need. If you’re in the East Providence, Cranston, or Pawtucket areas and coming up on your next scheduled service, call Stateline Nissan or stop in to our service center to schedule your appointment!