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Nissan Sentra Dashboard Symbols

When driving your new 2017 Nissan Sentra, the last thing you want to see is an unknown light on your dashboard. The icons can appear strange and extend beyond needing gas, buckling your seatbelt, or closing your door. Ease your stress with this handy light guide, so you know when it’s time to get your car serviced.

Learn the different Nissan Sentra dashboard symbols with this detailed light guide. Stateline Nissan wants everyone in the East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket areas to be well-informed of their new Nissan.

Red or Amber Lights

Red or amber lights are warning lights and mean something is wrong. It could be a minor issue, but it could also be a major concern. Make sure you know the difference.

  • ABS Warning: When “ABS” is illuminated on your dashboard, it indicates a malfunction with your anti-lock braking system.
  • Brake Warning: Appearing as the word “BRAKE” or as an exclamation point in a circle, this could simply mean that the parking brake is engaged. If it’s not, it could mean that the brake fluid is low, potentially indicating a brake leak. Have this looked at as soon as possible.
  • Charge Warning: This light looks like a battery and means that there’s an issue with your Sentra’s electrical system. Get your battery and belt checked.
  • Engine Oil Pressure Warning: This light looks like an oil can and indicates that your engine pressure is low. Pull over as soon as you can and get help from the nearest authorized dealer.
  • Intelligent Key Warnings: These lights will appear as circular symbols with the either the word “KEY” or “LOCK” along the curve. If it says “LOCK,” it means the intelligent key has been set to off, but not to lock. If it says “KEY,” it means the ignition is on and the key is outside of the vehicle.
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning: This light appears as an exclamation point inside a curved tire shape and shows that you need to add some air into your tires.
  • Low Washer Fluid Warning: Appearing as a windshield shape with a wavy water line, this light specifies that you need more washer fluid. This one isn’t that dire, so refill at your own convenience.
  • Power Steering Warning: If “PS” is glowing on your dashboard, it means that your power steering is malfunctioning. Carefully make your way to your local Nissan dealership to get this fixed.
  • Supplemental Air Bag Warning: This icon looks like a circle in front of a seated passenger. It indicates a problem with the supplemental air bag. If the icon has an “X” through the circle, the airbag is disengaged.

Blue or Green Lights

These lights don’t indicate an issue or malfunction within your 2017 Sentra, but inform you of systems that are currently active.

  • ECO Mode Indicator: If you see the word “ECO” in a double-lined box, it indicates that the ECO mode is activated.
  • Light Function Indicators: There are two symbols here for various light functions. The High Beam Indicator appears as a headlight with straight lines coming from it and means your high beams are activated. The Front Fog Indicator looks like the high beam indicator, but the lines coming from the headlight are slanted.
  • Overdrive OFF Indicator: This light activates when your overdrive mode is off and is represented by “O/D OFF”.
  • Security Indicator: Appearing as a key inside of a car, this light shows your security system is functioning properly.
  • Slip Indicator: This light looks like a car with curved tread lines coming from it and indicates that the Vehicle Dynamic Control system has detected slippery road conditions and is compensating.

Nissan Sentra Dashboard Symbols: Scheduling Service

If you see any of the warning lights that call for repairs, make sure you take your Nissan Sentra to Stateline Nissan. Our staff knows your car inside and out, and we’ll get you back on the road in no time. All East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket drivers are invited to visit our expert service team for all their maintenance needs.


Visit us or call (888) 355-1528 to schedule an appointment. Stateline Nissan is dedicated to ensuring your Nissan lasts for years. Stop by today!