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Nissan Self-Driving Car

The upcoming Nissan self-driving car, 2018 Nissan Leaf, represents a step in the right direction in terms of the future of driving. While the 2018 Leaf will feature single lane autonomous driving, Nissan has a far more ambitious goal.

By the year 2020, Nissan plans to build a commercially-viable autonomous-drive vehicle. This masterpiece of engineering will be able to drive, park and even refuel itself. If you don’t think Nissan is serious, learn more about how they have dedicated a combined 80 years of research to development by working with researchers from MIT, Stanford, Oxford, the University of Tokyo and more.

Keeping You Safe

One of the best safety technologies on the market today is the Nissan Safety Shield. This incredible piece of technology sees around your vehicle in all directions to alert you of dangers. It can warn you if someone is in your blind spot or if you need more air in your tires. In dire situations, the safety shield can even apply the brakes for you.

With autonomous cars, Nissan is utilizing the Nissan Safety Shield in a new and innovative way. The same detection systems will be improved upon, then implemented to control autonomous cars. An artificial intelligence controls every autonomous car, and the safety shield will act as the intelligence’s eyes and ears.

Nissan Self Driving Car: The Experience

Nissan is in the testing phase with their autonomous cars, and passengers are starting to experience what it is like. It can be strange for some to be in a vehicle moving on its own, but the haunting feeling is alleviated by simply understanding what goes into it. Nissan’s autonomous vehicles use millimeter wave radar, laser scanners, high-speed computers,  advanced human machine interfaces and more to function.

Of course, tweaks and upgrades are constantly being added to the many advanced technologies present in autonomous cars. Nissan wants to be prepared for every possible development and every danger you may face as a passenger. If you are not content being a passenger, however, do not worry — you will still have the option to manually drive every autonomous vehicle Nissan develops.

The 4 Stages

The advancement in self-driving technology is represented by four stages. In the first stage, a car is capable of driving autonomously in a single-lane highway. This is the stage of the 2018 Nissan Leaf. You’ll be able to experience this very soon. The second stage involves multi-lane highway driving, meaning your car will be able to automatically switch lanes safely. The third stage is city driving and the fourth stage is complete autonomy.

In order to reach this fourth stage, Nissan has developed a Seamless Autonomous Mobility system, also known as SAM. SAM’s job is to interact with the vehicle’s AI and the human passenger to optimize decision-making in unpredictable scenarios. SAM will learn from every interaction, allowing the AI to grow and even communicate with other AIs on the road around you. Once this is widely implemented, autonomous vehicles will have an even easier time looking out for other cars.

Experience Stage 1 at Stateline Nissan

For drivers of the East Providence, Cranston and Pawtucket areas, Stateline Nissan is eager to showcase the new 2018 Nissan Leaf when it arrives. When it does get here, you can schedule a test drive with our dedicated sales team and experience the excitement of stage one autonomous driving. Our experts are happy to give you all the knowledge you need to prepare for the arrival of the 2018 Nissan Leaf or any other vehicle in our expansive inventory.

Visit Stateline Nissan today to learn more, and prepare for the future of Nissan.