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Nissan Intelligent Mobility Review

Recently, Nissan has made grand leaps in technology for enhanced safety, convenience and Nissan Intelligent Mobility Review East Providence RIenvironmental consciousness. As their newest offering, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system adds driver assistance, convenience and increased safety for an overall better driving experience. Whether you seek comfort for the morning commute or want to take a long road trip with the family, Nissan Intelligent Mobility will make the ride safer and easier.

ProPILOT Assist™

ProPILOT Assist™ is a feature that alerts you to obstacles in front of you, such as pedestrians, stopped cars, road hazards, and more, and paces the vehicle accordingly to avoid a collision. It’s a hands-on system, so it sounds the alert, applies the brakes, and brings the vehicle to a full stop if no driver intervention occurs. In congested traffic, ProPILOT Assist™ uses Steering Assist to keep you safely in your lane and away from other vehicles, even when the road curves, as well as the appropriate distance from the cars in front you. For people who drive in heavy traffic regularly, this is a helpful feature that allows you to relax a little on the road. With ProPILOT™, you have the peace of mind of backup technology, with the same freedom and control as always.

Intelligent Around View® Monitor

Though many new safety features exist to help with parking, the Intelligent Around View® Monitor takes it up a notch. With this system, you’ll see every inch around your vehicle, so there’s no chance of hitting another car, a sign, a pillar, or any other obstruction that you may not see under normal circumstances. This gives you maximum visibility for navigating and maneuvering into tight spots, which eliminates the hassle of parking in a crowded lot.

Blind-Spot Warning

Blind-Spot Monitoring is not new, but there are some flaws within the systems that are currently available. Traditional Blind-Spot Monitoring uses the view from your side mirror, which still leaves small visibility gaps that could cause an accident. With Nissan Intelligent Mobility’s Blind Spot Warning feature, you’ll be alerted to anything appearing in your blind spot, as well as assisted back into your lane to avoid a collision.

Other Safety Shield Technologies

In addition to ProPILOT™, Blind-Spot Warning and the Intelligent Around View® Monitor, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system also includes a comprehensive suite of Safety Shield Technologies. Intelligent Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection is a feature that sounds an audibleNissan Intelligent Mobility and visual alert if you get too close to a vehicle, pedestrian, or other obstruction on the road. If you don’t respond quickly enough, this system will also apply full brake pressure to bring your vehicle to an immediate stop and avoid a collision. Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention is a system that uses visual and audio cues to alert you if you’re straying from your lane. It will also guide you back to center if you don’t respond quickly enough. Moving Object Detection uses the Around View® Monitor to alert you to objects moving around your vehicle, from any direction. When it detects something, you receive audio and visual alerts.

Learn More at Stateline Nissan

With this impressive suite of Safety Shield Technologies, the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system will change the way you drive. Drivers in East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket can visit Stateline Nissan’s showroom to experience all the features of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility system for themselves. Contact us today!

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