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3 Must-See Providence, Rhode Island Attractions

As the capital and most populated city in Rhode Island, Providence has an incredible number of things to see and do. If your planning a trip to Providence, you’ll want to be sure to add the John Brown House Museum, the Lippitt House Museum, and the Players at Barker Playhouse. Read ahead to learn more about what you can expect at these must-see attractions!

The John Brown House Museum

In 1788, a fabulously wealthy merchant/politician built what would later become the famous John Brown House. As one of the richest, most influential people in the country at the time, John Brown paved the way for an unequivocal amount of greatness through his many achievements. One such achievement is the foundation of Brown University, which was named after John Brown.

A walk through the John Brown mansion and museum will send you back to the 18th century and the many historical events that were happening at the time. Learn about the Brown family, as well as their involvement in the American Revolution.

Lippitt House Museum

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The Lippitt House, which has resided at 199 Hope Street since 1865, is a national historic landmark because of its association with one of the most influential governors in Rhode Island history. This 30-room manor was occupied by descendants of the Lippitt lineage for more than 100 years until the estate was donated to the Preserve Rhode Island organization.

You can explore the Lippitt House through one of their guided tours or their Hands-On Lippitt Labs, which gets you up close and personal with the home’s art and architecture.

The Players at Barker Playhouse

The Players at Barker Playhouse was founded in 1909. With more than 100 years of plays and events under its belt, it’s considered America’s oldest continuously running little theatre. Each season, which runs from October to May, features five to six main stage shows that change annually.

Plays aren’t the other thing the Players at Barker Playhouse has to offer. Depending on what time of the year you visit, you can also enjoy a variety of other entertainment, like dance company performances and the annual Players Performing Arts Festival.

Happy Sight-Seeing!