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Local Spotlight: HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery

Art stimulates the senses, the mind, and the emotions. It helps us make a strong connection with our world and the people in it. It also opens us up to a new realm of ideas and understanding. It’s no wonder why everyone loves art.

If you’d like to experience some of the best local artists in East Providence, or maybe even become one yourself, the HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery is the place to go.

The Mind Behind the Magic

Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon opened the HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery in 2017. It was a new chapter in a story that was already full of creative energy.

She began her career as a special education teacher. She went on to be an art teacher and even an art department chair. As she continued her work as a professional artist, Jennifer wanted to continue to help those with the desire to create, and that’s exactly what she does at HeARTspot.

Jennifer teaches classes that can help current artists hone their skills while teaching up-and-coming artists new ones. She even helps teach the business side of art. Whether you’re looking to partner with a local agency or assist special populations, she can share her knowledge with you!

Classes at HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery

When you want to get creative and do some self-discovering, the SoulCollage® class may be for you. You’ll create personal collaged cards. Then you’ll use your cards to help answer questions that are designed to help uncover your wisdom within.

There are plenty of disciplines for you to learn at HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery. Some of them include:

  • Embroidery
  • Resin Art
  • Jewelry Making
  • Painting
  • Photography

If you’d like to learn more from your fellow creators and collaborate on your next big creation, sign up for an Open Studio. You can bring your own materials or purchase them as you go!

Getting Creative with the Kids

If you have a little one who’s always ready to get creative, HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery is a great place to bring them. There are Saturday Kids Art! classes. They’ll learn the basics of painting, drawing, and sculpting, and have a blast doing it.

There’s also a Trash Turtles class. The children will learn more about turtles and their environment and use recycled materials to make their own creative critter.

If you want to bring the whole family in on the fun, reserve a spot in the Fairy House class. You’ll use sticks, bark, moss, and colorful glass pieces to make a home straight out of a fairytale!

Let’s Get Creative!

Whether you’re looking to learn new skills, sharpen your artistic prowess, or simply find your inner creativity, the HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery is the place to be. You can even explore the works of local artists at one of their upcoming shows.

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