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Experience a 30-Year Tuscan Tradition at Cranston’s Own Caffe Itri

Imagine the little town of Itri: vibrant homes carved into the hillsides, cobblestone corridors wind the streets, historic castles stand guard in the distance. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape here for a meal?

At Caffé Itri, second-generation Itrani, Greg Spremulli, strives to bring the aromas and flavors simmering in the pots of Itri kitchens right here to Cranston.

Through always-fresh, made-from-scratch Southern-Italian dishes, Caffé Itri delivers the getaway your taste buds have been craving.

Gnocchi, Penne, Pappardelle, Oh My!

Italian cuisine is revered for its handmade pastas—we’re calling out the linguines, raviolis, rigatonis, and tortellinis. A full third of Caffé Itri’s dinner menu is dedicated to mouthwatering pasta selections, a true hallmark of their authenticity.

With so many pasta dishes to choose from, what will you order? That’s where you’ll have to use your noodle! Whether you choose pasta stuffed with Italian cheeses, doused in a white wine sauce, or punched up with pesto, you can’t go wrong with this range of traditional, from-the-heart Italian fare.

Winner! Winner! Wine with Your Dinner

Did you know that Italy’s wine-producing roots date back thousands of years? Caffé Itri pays homage to this fact by matching their flavor-bursting cuisine with an award-winning wine selection.

Greg and his team demand the best on your plate and the best in your glass. Caffé Itri has earned the distinguished honor of being named a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence re-“sip”-ient for 17 years running!

There’s over 250 wines from around the world to choose from divided into your palate of choice from dry, light, crisp white wines to full bodied reds.

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Dessert, Anyone?

There’s no doubt Caffé Itri’s savory selections will have you over the moon, but how about the sweets? Whether your meal finale of choice spotlights the zing of zesty lemon, the decadence of dark chocolate, or the cool creaminess of gelato, there’s something for everyone.

For a truly Itri indulgence, don’t miss Greg’s House Made Spumoni, which layers vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream flavors with rum-soaked raisins, crunchy pistachios, and dark chocolate tidbits.

Caffe Itri Awaits

From your first order of Pan-Fried Smoked Mozzarella medallions to closing requests for sugar-dusted cannoli and hot cappuccino—we hope you left room— Caffé Itri delights again and again. Experience authentic Italian like never before and support this local, family-owned business of 30 years. Order takeout to bring Itri to you or call to make your dinner reservation today!