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Inspiring Youth: Boys & Girls Club of East Providence RI

Young kids outside

Everyone knows that young people are the future of our community, but in order to ensure a bright future, we must empower them in the present. That means giving them a safe and loving environment to learn, live, and play.

That’s where the Boys & Girls Club of East Providence, RI, can help. They’re helping young people find and follow their individual path to success. Keep reading to find out how.

Boys & Girls Club of East Providence: Mission and Impact

Kids using computersThrough inspirational programs, the Boys & Girls Club of East Providence helps enable and empower each young person in our community. That way, they can work to become engaged and educated citizens.

Education is one of the main keys to a young person’s success. To help improve their comprehension and willingness to learn, the Boys & Girls Club offers a Power Hour for homework and lab access to learn more about computers and science. Out of their members, 97% are expected to graduate from high school.

It’s estimated that 31% of people ages 14-18 in Rhode Island are overweight. To help reduce that number, The Boys & Girls Club implements programs that teach and promote a healthy lifestyle. As a result, 42% of club members report getting at least an hour of physical activity five or more days out of the week.

Popular Programs

Little boy smilingDo your kids need something to do in the summertime? What better place than Camp Crosby? This Boys & Girls Club program is putting the fun back in summer. There’s a pool and nature trails for kids to explore. Plus, learning activities help kids retain what they learned in school all year.

There’s also the Hennessey Scholar Camp. It takes place Monday through Friday from school dismissal to 6:00 p.m. Scholars will participate in a homework Power Hour, which is led by certified teachers. Then, they can participate in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) programs and youth leadership courses.

Another program that helps the youth of our community get and stay active is the Tidal Wave Swim Team. They provide age-appropriate workouts, stroke drills, and even video stroke analysis. Best of all, the feeling of coming out of a competition victorious is sure to drive youngsters to new heights.

East Providence Mohawks

Kids playing basketballThe Boys & Girls Club of East Providence started the Mohawks in August of 2019. It gives kids of all ages the chance to stay active, compete, make new friends, and work effectively as part of a team.

The Mohawks’ Summer Basketball League is six weeks long and each team plays two games per week. There is also a Mohawks Lacrosse team. They provide financial assistance to help kids get the equipment they need. Plus, they play teams from across the state.

Finally, there’s the Spring Theatre program. Boys & Girls Club Members grades 2-6 will learn the art of performing, practice playwriting, and play high energy games to get them even more excited. At the end of the program, they’ll perform for friends and family.

Help the Boys & Girls Club Empower the Youth of East Providence!

If you’d like to get involved, you can donate to the Boys & Girls Club of East Providence. They accept one-time gifts and monthly contributions. You can also volunteer your time as a mentor or tutor, athletics coach, or provide career and college guidance.

Follow them on Facebook to learn more about the opportunities they provide!