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Should I Lease or Buy a Vehicle?

Ask Al: Should I lease or buy a vehicle?

I get this question very often. And unless someone is a road warrior, driving over 20,000 miles per year, it’s best to lease. Below are a few things to consider:Stateline_AskAl_Blog

1. It’s NEW! That’s right. There’s nothing better than the smell of a new car and there’s nothing better than the reliability – with a warranty to boot!

2. The PRICE is right. A purchase option on, for example, a Nissan Rogue may be about $450 per month. That same vehicle with a lease is in the $300 range. Which price works better for you. How would you like to have a few extra dollars in your pocket to enjoy? Who’s up for dinner? Shopping?

3. No equity in your TRADE? Many people worry about being upside down in their vehicle – owing more than it’s worth and it happens often. With a lease, we can factor in the outstanding balance to get you right side up.

4. Minimal upfront MONEY. Extra dollars are hard to find today. When you lease, those dollars are minimized – and may only include taxes and fees.

5. TECHNOLOGY must have’s. You know the name of the game. Technology is key. We do this with our cell phones, switching them out within a 2-year term. We all want the latest and greatest. Cars operate the same way. First there was Cruise Control and then Bluetooth – and now there’s Navigation, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Emergency Braking, and Zero Gravity Inspired Car Seats. Year to year, we all want what’s new and a lease can help you have that. finance car (2)

Of course, here at Stateline Nissan, we want to focus on not only what’s most important to you, but the right fit for you when purchasing a vehicle so we urge customers to share their lifestyle habits with the sales and leasing consultant.

If you have any questions, please email al@statelinenissanauto.com. To view our inventory, visit https://www.statelinenissanauto.com/new-inventory/