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How Often You Should Get Your Brakes Checked

There are many different systems your vehicle needs to run properly, but the brakes are one of the most important. While all aspects of your vehicle need routine care and maintenance to stay in peak condition, your brake maintenance schedule depends on a number of different factors.

If you’re wondering how often you should get your brakes checked to stay safe on the roads of Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket, find out all the answers with this article from Stateline Nissan.

Brake Inspection

inspecting brake padThough there are recommended maintenance schedules for different makes and models, your brake service schedule isn’t as clear-cut. Because so many factors affect the condition and lifespan of your brakes, it’s advised to get regular brake inspections to determine the best brake service intervals.

At the same time as your oil change and tire rotation, your service technician can take a look at your brakes to determine their wear level and the condition of the other brake components. From there, your technician can give you a recommended time for your brake pad replacement, as well as any other brake services you may need.

Brake Replacement Warning Signs

In addition to your regular brake inspections, you can also watch for warning signs that your brakes are reaching the end of their life. Here are some of the most common warning signs for brake replacement:

  • Vibration or pulsation through the brake pedal or steering wheel.
  • Squeaking, squealing, or grinding from the brake pedal.
  • Longer stopping distances.
  • Longer pedal travel.
  • Pulling to one side of the vehicle when pressing the brakes.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to have your brakes checked by a qualified service technician as soon as possible. These warning signs could mean your brakes are worn, or they could point to an entirely different issue, but the only way to tell is with an inspection.

How Long Do Brakes Last?

”mechanicYour driving conditions affect your brakes’ lifespan more than anything else. Frequent stop-and-go driving, frequently traveling on hills, hard braking and urban driving, or driving in congested traffic all wear your brakes faster, as well as routinely hauling heavy loads. Due to this, narrowing your brake service interval to an exact mileage or time frame is difficult.

The type, quality, and materials of your brake pads affect their lifespan as well, so if you’re unsure of the right interval for your brake services, consult a service technician and pay attention to the common warning signs of worn brakes.

Schedule Your Service Appointment

The ideal brake service interval is inexact, so we hope that this information helps you determine how often you should get your brakes checked. Generally, your brakes should be inspected at least every six months, as well as any time you notice one of the warning signs.

If you want more information and guidance on your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, the service technicians at Stateline Nissan can help. Call or stop by our service center today to speak with a technician and schedule your service appointment!

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