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How Long Do Brakes Last?

brake pad Like an oil change, brake service is another regular maintenance task that is important to your vehicle’s overall health and safety. In general, your brake pads will need to be replaced a few times over your vehicle’s lifespan, but how long, exactly, do brakes generally last? Many factors go into the lifespan of your brake pads, which is why we put together this article to help drivers near Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket learn more about the braking system and lifespan of their brakes!

How Long Do Brakes Last?

working on brake padSince so many factors determine the duration of your brakes, it’s difficult to narrow down an exact mileage or timeframe for brake pad replacements. These factors can include driving conditions, towing or hauling, the type of brake pad, and even the material the brake pad is made from. A lot of stop-and-go driving, hard cornering, hard braking, and fast driving can all contribute to brake pad wear as well; these conditions require extra force, causing additional stress to your brake pads, resulting in them wearing out earlier. Brake pads come at many price points and in different materials, both of which can vary your brake pads’ lifespan even more. Organic compounds, ceramic pads, and semi-metallic pads are all widely used, though they all wear at different rates. Due to all these different factors, brake pads can last anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 miles, though a service technician can give you a more precise range for your vehicle’s individual needs.

Signs of Brake Pad Wear

brake fluid containerRegardless of how long your brake pads are supposed to last, it’s more important to know what to look for when they begin to wear. There are many warning signs that your brakes are nearly at their expiration date, such as:

  • Longer stopping distances
  • Low brake fluid
  • A brake pedal that goes all the way to the floor to bring your vehicle to a stop
  • A spongy feeling in the brake pedal
  • Pulling to one side while braking
  • Vibration or shaking when braking, either through the brakes or steering wheel
  • Wheels sliding, skidding, or locking up
  • Grinding, squealing, or squeaking from the brakes

If you notice one or more of these warning signs, it’s time to have your brakes inspected. It could be something else, such as a wheel misalignment, brake fluid leak, rust buildup on the rotor, or many other possible causes, but it’s better to check and have any problem corrected as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Brake Appointment

Brake pad replacement is a quick service, so there’s no reason to put it off when it comes time. Proper care of your brakes and high-quality brake pads will help you get the most from your investment and protect your vehicle’s components from wear and damage, as well as limit the number of times you need your brake pads replaced. Wondering how long brakes last? Visit the service center at Stateline Nissan, conveniently located near Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket, and speak to a service technician about your particular vehicle’s brakes. We can help with all aspects of your vehicle’s care, including your brake maintenance, so call or stop by today to schedule your service appointment!

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