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Get in Shape for Your 2018 New Year’s Resolution

It’s no secret that getting in shape is a shared goal for many, especially when it’s time to make a New Year’s resolution. If you live near Providence and are considering making this your 2018 New Year’s resolution, you’re in luck! The following three fitness centers are perfect for making that resolution come true.

Devine City Cycle

At Devine City Cycle, founders Mona Devine Kronholm and Alexis Devine encourage you to strive for much more than just your personal physical best and a body you’re proud of. Before any clients start, DCC asks “what do you ride for?”. They believe everybody has a unique story that can be used to reach one’s personal best. While these are core pillars in their mission, they’re also in the business of strengthening the mind. To help you discover your best self inside and out, Devine City Cycle offers two different classes. Devine Cycle is a high-intensity group workout designed to get your blood pumping, while Spin City serves as a midday release from stress using endurance training to strengthen the core.

Momentum Fitness

Inspired by the very force that keeps us moving, Momentum Fitness is founded on physical and mental growth by setting goals and surpassing them one at a time. Based on their initial assessment, this innovative approach helps clients set personalized goals and provide guidance and customized training programs for attaining each one. The team at Momentum Fitness assists its clients by offering group classes but really focuses on effective personal training sessions. As clients begin their training programs, they provide motivation, encourage consistency, and ensure that workouts are executed at the proper intensity. Never get bored with your routine ever again because their knowledge and dedication to helping you crush your goals mixes and matches a variety of training techniques and equipment to keep you on your toes.

Providence Pilates Center

As a fully equipped classical Pilates studio, Providence Pilates Center prides itself on bettering the lives of their customers of all ages through Pilates apparatus lessons and mat sessions. Through these and several other classes that they offer, they aim not to just instruct, but to educate class-goers on feeling healthy, strong, and capable. In addition to traditional Pilates classes, Providence Pilates Center offers barre and spin classes as well as TRX training, which uses straps to utilize the weight of the body rather than weights to strength muscles. They have clients ranging from 12 to 88-years-old, so take a group class with your friends and family, or opt for a private session to challenge yourself.

Good luck with your New Year’s resolution!