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Nissan College Grad Program

Graduating from college can be one of the most exciting milestones you reach in your life. To help you reach your next few milestones, such as buying a car, Nissan has created the Nissan College Grad Program.

Our team at Stateline Nissan is thrilled to introduce you to this incredible program through our FREE Guide to the Nissan College Grad Program eBook. In this detailed informational guide, you’ll learn about:

Get the ball rolling on making your post-graduation car dreams come true by downloading this FREE Guide to the Nissan College Grad Program eBook today. Upon downloading, you’ll also receive special coupons to go towards your next new or pre-owned vehicle purchase from our team at Stateline Nissan. You can the eBook and coupons right now by simply filling out the information request form on this page. Once you click submit, you’ll be able to instantly download the guide!

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