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A dead car battery can be frustrating, to say the least, so being able to find reliable car battery service in East Providence, RI, is important. At Stateline Nissan, our team of qualified technicians offers quick and professional battery repair so you can get back behind the wheel.

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How Does a Car Battery Work?

Car Battery Service Near MeMost drivers understand what the car battery does, but there still seems to be some confusion about how it works. To avoid getting overly technical, we’ll provide a brief explanation that should help you understand what’s causing your battery trouble.

First, let’s look at the car battery itself. Inside its plastic casing, a chemical reaction takes place between two connections as they react with a sulfuric acid solution. The energy generated by this reaction is then transformed into electric energy, which is used to power your car radio, lights, and other electronic systems. Many major components rely on the car battery’s charge to function properly, including the starter.

What Causes the Battery to Malfunction?

Battery Replacement Near MeA lot of things can cause battery failure, but among the most common is old age. Car batteries, much like the batteries that power your favorite household electronics, aren’t designed to last forever. After several years of use, the battery has a difficult time holding a charge until it’s not able to hold a charge at all.

However, this isn’t the only reason your car battery could be giving you trouble. Excessive heat, corrosion buildup, and dirt and debris can cause your battery to function poorly. The important thing is to seek the help of a professional automotive technician to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the trouble.

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Professional Car Battery Repair

If you’re looking for expert Nissan service in Providence, RI, contact us at Stateline Nissan. Our service center is equipped with state-of-the-art repair equipment and professional-grade tools that we’ll use to repair your vehicle. We also carry a large selection of new car battery replacements in case one is needed.

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