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Live Healthy with These Yoga Studios near Warwick, RI

Yoga Studios Warwick, RI
Yoga is a great form of relaxation, as well as exercise, as it increases flexibility, strength, and vitality. But with so many different types out there, how do you know which form is right for you? Well, worry not future yogis, we’ve got your back.

We have tracked down the top yoga studios near Warwick, so you can find an environment that is ideal for your fitness and wellness goals. Pick one or try them all to ensure that your needs will be exceeded.

All That Matters

Yoga Studios near Warwick, RIAll That Matters is a yoga and holistic health center that embraces healthy living through a bunch of yoga courses, retreats, and more. In fact, they offer over 160 yoga classes a week, so finding something suited to you should be easy!

Classes are taught by yoga experts and include traditional yoga, yoga for ages 50+, yoga with weights, and loads more. They also offer some fantastic special offers for classes, so see what you can find today.



Laughing Elephant 

Yoga StudiosWith a philosophy centered around openness, bringing people together, and chocolate, Laughing Elephant is all about being true to yourself while practicing yoga. Their tight-knit circle of instructors focuses on working with you so you can achieve your goals on your time.

Start with their beginner yoga class, then step up and try funky flow yoga, Vinyasa flow, or restorative courses. They even offer a baby and me yoga class!




Yoga Studios Warwick, RIBy combing active relaxation and wellness, Raffa is sure to regenerate both your body and your mind. Their classes are well-rounded and rejuvenating and put a focus on nutrition along with your yoga routines, allowing for an expansive regime that will help you from top to bottom.

They offer their Raffa yoga classes, as well as the unique Urban Sweat and Therapeutics course, which mixes old world wisdom with new world self-care. Sign up today!



Summon Your Inner Yogi

If you’re ready to take on a new form of exercise that not only improves your body but centers your mind, as well, it’s time to try these top yoga studios near Warwick. Good luck and don’t forget your yoga mat!