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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts East Providence, RI

Valentine’s Day can seem like a confusing haze of hearts, stuffed animals, and expensive shiny rocks, when it should really be about the personal, thoughtful time spent with the special someone in your life. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts this year, look no further than your own town. Read about the best Valentine’s Day gifts near East Providence, RI, to find the right thing to make your dearly beloved feel as special as they are.

Not Just Any Chocolates

chocolateshop(c)Your sweetheart deserves more than just your average chocolates; he or she deserves a Chocolate Delicacy. Feeding sweet tooth addictions since 1992, Chocolate Delicacy offers more chocolates than you’ve probably ever heard of. Their succulent sweets include chocolate truffles, fudge, panned malts, brittles, soft centers, and more. While many of their products include peanut butter, fruits, and nuts, they also have lines of nut-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free chocolates for the more food-sensitive darlings in your life.

Confection Perfection

Started over 60 years ago, Sweenor’s Chocolates is now in its third and fourth generations of confectioners, so you know they know their sweet stuff. They offer a variety of traditional chocolate and fudge products, along with novelty chocolates ranging from chocolate flower pops to chocolates shaped like sailboats. They also provide chocolate-free sweets such as jelly beans, hard candies, and gummies. Don’t sweat the sweet stuff this Valentine’s Day by bringing your loved one Sweenor’s Chocolates.

Indulge in Your Sweet Side

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s really no such thing as being too sweet. Indulge in your romantic whimsies by personalizing a pastry for your special someone. Sweet Indulgence has just what you’re looking for with their specialty cakes and cupcakes. Both eye-catching and mouth-watering, their cupcakes come in unique flavors like Bailey’s Irish Crème, Berry Good Red Velvet, and Pink Champagne. Add a few sweet words to your Sweet Indulgence with a personalized note professing your love and adoration for your partner in cupcake crime, and they’re sure to be yours.

Flower Power

flowerheart(c)Studio 539 Flowers is more than just a florist shop; they’re artists dedicated to botanical beauty and design. Their elegant arrangements combine high-quality flowers with artistic color palettes and thematic accessories to create a floral bouquet uniquely for you. Pre-arranged bouquets from your neighborhood market are pretty, but when you request a special arrangement from Studio 539, your loved one will immediately notice the difference. As one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts near East Providence, you can be sure that your thoughtfulness will impress the mind and woo the heart.

Let Your Love Blossom

Floral and other botanical displays are beautifully symbolic ways of showing affection to your loved one. Blooming flowers and blossoming plants show your partner that you want your love to grow and blossom in a similar fashion. Blooming Blossoms understands this and expertly crafts their botanical arrangements with this idea in mind. With over 25 years in the floral business, their floral fanatics offer dazzling cut flower arrangements and beautifully assorted plant life. Go the traditional route and order a floral arrangement, or cater to your lover’s adventurous side by ordering a more exotic arrangement of plant life, either of which can be delivered directly to his or her door.

Go on the hunt this year for the best Valentine’s Day gifts near East Providence, RI!