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Top Volunteer Opportunities East Providence, RI

With a new year quickly approaching, many people are scrambling to start a new diet or join a gym to make good on their New Year’s resolution for 2017. While taking care of your own personal health is always a good idea, have you ever considered taking on a resolution that’s more selfless?

Maybe 2017 is the year you should start volunteering more. Whatever is important to you, there’s bound to be a non-profit dedicated to that cause. If you’re looking to volunteer near East Providence as part of your New Year’s resolution to give back to your community, be sure to check out one of these fantastic organizations.

Volunteer Services for Animals

animalsheltercIf you are a lover of furry friends, volunteering with animals is an excellent way to give back that is also highly enjoyable for you! If you have extra room and time on your hands, consider fostering a dog or cat that’s in need of adoption before it finds its forever home. Or, if you can’t commit to fostering, there are many ways you can help out at the shelter itself, such as helping groom the dogs or simple data entry. Whatever your skill set and time commitment abilities, Volunteer Services for Animals are sure to need your help!

Recycle A Bike

This is a truly unique way to volunteer near East Providence—by helping teach members of the community how to understand the mechanics of bicycles, so that they are empowered by their own freedom through this mode of transportation. By providing the tools to maintain bikes to anyone, this organization is helping the environment as well as physical health.

Good Neighbors

If you believe that everyone deserves a hot meal every day no matter what their income or status, Good Neighbors is the place for you. They’ve been successfully operating a soup kitchen in the area for over 25 years. Dedicate your time to this organization that provides a feeling of home and community for people who need it most.

Crossroads Rhode Island

This organization has been helping people in Rhode Island since 1894. With that kind of history and reputation, you know it’s a worthwhile place to volunteer near East Providence! They serve many in need throughout the state, including providing 24/7 emergency response services, hundreds of housing units, education and employment placement services, and case management. If you’d like to get involved, they need volunteers to help with moving, line cooking, laundry assistance, and more.

Providence Animal Rescue League

This organization has been helping save animals throughout the state since 1913. There are many ways to get involved to help the cats and dogs in the shelter. Become a regular shelter volunteer to help with grooming and customer adoptions. If you can’t commit to a regular time commitment, consider signing up to help out with a one-time event.

No matter where you decide to volunteer near East Providence, you can feel good about dedicating your time to giving back to your community. We at Stateline Nissan applaud you, and wish you all the best in the new year!