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What’s the Best Oil for Your Car

Most drivers in East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket know how important engine oil is to their vehicles. It’s also important to make sure the oil and oil filter are changed every few months. Knowing which type of oil to use is an important part of proper car ownership.

Here, you can learn more about engine oil and the different kinds of it. Not only will you learn why engine oil is important, but you’ll also find out what type of oil you should be using and what not to use. This should clear the air for confused car drivers looking for the right oil.

Why Does Your Car Need Oil?

Lubrication inside of your engine is very important. Engine oil helps make sure everything runs smoothly and reduces friction. Motor oil can also help disperse heat throughout the engine, keeping the components cool. At the end of the day, engine oil keeps your engine from freezing up and breaking. Without clean oil, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to run effectively.

Most drivers understand the importance of routine maintenance like an oil change. As your oil ages, it has a harder time lubricating your engine and keeping it free of metal particles. If your oil is black and dirty, then it’s time for an oil change. New oil should be clean and resemble honey in color.

Engine Oil Types

Most drivers are familiar with the two types of engine oil: conventional and synthetic. It’s important to keep in mind that these two unique oil types offer different benefits. A few additives are combined with crude oil to make what’s known as conventional oil. Although widely available and relatively inexpensive, conventional oil may break down faster and require more oil changes compared to synthetic oil.

Synthetic oil doesn’t need to be changed as frequently as conventional oil thanks to its higher quality. The use of synthetic motor oil can also greatly improve the health and cleanliness of the engine overall. Many drivers find that they have to replace synthetic oil less frequently than conventional oil.

Choosing the Right Oil for Your Engine

Whether you choose synthetic or conventional oil is of little consequence. As long as you’re receiving regular oil changes, your engine should continue performing well for years to come.

Does Your Vehicle Need an Oil Change?

Bringing your car in for regular oil changes is a great way to receive professional care. Plus, you’ll also be sure your vehicle is getting the oil type is needs. Stateline Nissan is known for fast and professional service by using the latest tools and equipment to replace your engine oil. Plus, scheduling service with us is easy thanks to our online appointment request tool.

Stateline Nissan proudly serves the East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket areas. Contact us today to plan your next oil change.