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Best Haunted Attractions near East Providence, RI

halloweenNow that Halloween is rapidly approaching, you’re probably scrambling to find your costume, but you’re also looking for fun Halloween activities. Everyone is entitled to a good scare this time of year, so to help you get that scare, we’re going to list the best haunted attractions near East Providence. That way you can enjoy this spooky holiday in style.

Factory of Terror

Factory of Terror in Warwick, RI, is more than just a haunted house walk-through. This particular haunted attraction features five different terrorizing walk-throughs that you can partake in to maximize your fright.

Factory of Terror features Ghost Cemetery, Psycho Alley, Asylum of Screaming Souls, Dracula’s Hideaway, and 4D Blackout. All of these attractions offer a different level of fear. Be wary of which one you choose to enter first.

Fear Town

Deep in the dark woods at the Seekonk Speedway is Fear Town. This haunted attraction offers an interactive experience, where you make your way through dark trails to stumble upon even darker buildings filled with creepy hallways and creatures lurking around every corner.

Fear Town has been considered New England’s ultimate haunted house, but do you have the courage to find out for yourself?

Field of Screams

hauntedcornfieldField of Screams offers three terrifying attractions: Dungeon of Doom, Dead River Haunted Hayride, and 4D Cirque Du Souls, which is a haunted maze filled with psychotic clowns and ferocious monsters waiting for you at every turn.

After you’ve successfully walked through the haunted attraction of your choice, or all three, you can liven up your evening with Zombie Paintball. Catch a ride on a military transport truck and take down zombies in your way.

Haunted Labyrinth

The Haunted Labyrinth is currently the longest running haunted attraction in New England. After 32 years of terrifying New Englanders, they’ve perfected the art of the scare tactic. Beware of the creepy clowns that hide in the shadows while you’re making your way through this dark and haunting maze.

However, it’s not all frightening because the Haunted Labyrinth is a non-profit organization that donates the money from their admissions. Get scared for a good cause.

Providence Ghost Tour

The Providence Ghost Tour showcases the paranormal aspects of the Providence area. This team has put in the work by researching the Providence Journal index, books, and even the locals to put together a wonderful tour of the macabre.

You’ll learn about the creepy beginnings of this town while finding out about the abnormal deaths that have occurred while walking through a guided tour of the historic district. If you’re lucky, you may even see a ghost. They don’t always show up for the tour, but there have been some instances where attendees got their money’s worth.

Now that we’ve given you a list of the best haunted attractions near East Providence, you’ll have to find the one that scares you the most.