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Best Gyms New Year’s Resolution near East Providence, RI

crossfit(c) Losing weight, building strength, increasing physical activity—these are practically synonymous with New Year’s resolutions. If you’re one of the many New Englanders out there aiming to get fit this year once and for all, read about these best gyms for your New Year’s resolution near East Providence and jumpstart your way to fitness.

Work Out World

Wow your colleagues after just a few sessions at Work Out World (WOW!) New England. With locations all across New England, WOW is one of the favorite gyms in the region. Lucky for you, there’s one right in East Providence that’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your workout convenience.

Their Gold Plan is enough to get you going in the right direction with access to cardio equipment, free weights, strength equipment, and free personal training sessions. They also offer a Platinum Plan when you’re ready to take things to the next level that includes all the above, along with free spinning, group-X classes, tanning, Wi-Fi, half-price cooler drinks, and unlimited guest privileges.

212 Health & Performance

Grab your water bottles and don your sweatbands because 212 Health & Performance is going to take you on a fitness ride like you’ve never experienced. The core of their philosophy is that we’re all able to push ourselves farther than we can imagine, and it’s their goal to help us succeed.

212 Health & Performance combines new- and old-school workout methods to create fitness programs that’ll help you achieve your maximum physical potential. Their professional trainers and fitness health nutritionists can cater a program to your needs, whether you’re looking for group classes, specialty training programs, or corporate wellness programs.

Synrgy Health & Fitness

Synrgy Health & Fitness knows that it’s often the little things that make many experiences great, including experiences at the gym. Along with their fitness and training programs, they offer a variety of extra perks with their membership, including a juice and smoothie bar, aroma therapy steam rooms, chilled eucalyptus workout towels, and more.

These services, combined with their state-of-the-art exercise equipment, provide an effective and enjoyable gym experience. Their membership offers personal training sessions, as well as such classes as Pure Strength, Pilates, Abs and Assets, and Sunrise Yoga.

Create Power Yoga

yoga stretch(c)Maybe you really want to make a resolution this year to get healthier, more fit, stronger, or more flexible, but the thought of lifting barbells at a gym is enough to make you stress eat a pint of ice cream. We understand completely, which is why one of the best gyms for your New Year’s resolution near East Providence isn’t even technically a gym. This is where Create Power Yoga swoops in on their origami crane of wisdom and comes to your rescue.

Yoga is a peaceful, effective method of helping you achieve a sound mind and a powerful body. Take a gander at the personalized and group classes that Create Power Yoga offers, from Vinyasa (flow) yoga to flexibility yoga to meditative yoga. Give one of them a try, and you may be surprised to come away with more benefits than you bargained for.

Now that you’ve discovered a few of the best gyms for your New Year’s resolution near East Providence, resolve to make your way to the gym in style by searching for a new vehicle at your local Nissan dealer.