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Best Brunch for Mother’s Day in Providence

One of the best ways to celebrate Mother’s Day is with an intimate, delicious brunch shared with the entire family. If you’re looking for plans this Mother’s Day, book a reservation at one of these delicious restaurants around Providence.Coffee

The Duck & Bunny—A Snuggery

The Duck & Bunny is a quaint creperie and tearoom serving brunch every day. With delicious items like vegan pancakes, Portuguese sweet bread French toast, and Latkes, The Duck & Bunny crafts each dish with impeccable ingredients to ensure quality and freshness in every bite.

  • Get This: A creperrito with brown rice, cheddar, black beans, onions, spinach, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.
  • Drink This: Sip on a Bubbly Mary, which is a Bloody Mary served with a splash of champagne.


The brunch menu at Julian’s offers a breadth of delicious eggs, excellent sandwiches, and beautifully-crafted salads.

  • Get This: Smoked salmon platter with boursin cheese, a bagel, spinach, tomato, and red onion with a side of seasonal fruit.
  • Drink This: Order a steaming hot cup of coffee.

With its wide menu selection, Julian’s is the perfect Mother’s Day brunch spot for families with picky eaters. You’ll find something to satisfy almost every palate at Julian’s, so book your reservation for Mother’s Day now.

Nick’s On BroadwayCrepes

Nick’s On Broadway is a popular New American bistro with seasonal fare, a cozy atmosphere, and a friendly staff ready to cater to your every whim on Mother’s Day. Offering seasonal and locally sourced meats, seafood, and produce, Nick’s On Broadway changes its menu regularly to maintain quality and authenticity in every dish.

  • Get This: Pate and Toast crafted with Baffoni Farm chicken and mushroom pate with pickles, hot mustard, and grilled brioche.
  • Drink This: Pullus Pinot Grigio

Happy Mother’s Day, and thanks for reading this post! For more restaurant suggestions and interesting articles like this one, check out our blog.