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Best Asset Management Firms near Providence RI

It’s important to have confidence in your investments. When you’re considering making a move or just getting into investing for the first time, you want to consult with experts who have your best interests in mind. But what are the best asset management firms? Well, if you’re looking for ones that are trusted by companies that you trust, look to these three firms near Providence, RI. Each of these businesses are a part of Nissan’s Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP).

Wedge Capital Management®

Founded in 1984, Wedge Capital Management® is a boutique investment advisory firm that offers strategies on fixed income, quantitative equity, and traditional equity. After being founded with venture capitalist funding, they eventually became an independent firm in 1989. Over the last few decades they have provided clients with value-oriented investment strategies. Their philosophy of in-depth, qualitative research, and independent analysis never changes with the market. For more than three decades they’ve remained consistent in the way they do business. When they aren’t managing $13 billion in assets, they’re active in the local community and actively support many national charities. The firm stays humble by embracing its independence. The 12 general partners are supported by a staff of less than 100 people. This allows them to focus solely on stable value investing for each one of their clients.

Wells Capital Management®

In 1996, Wells Fargo took existing investment management teams and combined them to form Wells Capital Management®. Since then, they have been committed to three principles. The first is strategic client relationships. They believe in building long-term relationships and customizing their solutions and analysis for each individual client. Second, they have autonomous investment teams. This helps generate independent and creative ideas, while consistently producing results through insightful decision-making. Finally, they focus on independent risk management. They help create a deeper understanding of your portfolio and provide a consistent framework for evaluating every risk and strategy. Plus, their helpful thought leadership publications offer you further insight into general plans and strategies before you decide to put them into action.

Western Asset

If you’re looking for an international firm that aims to make investing simpler with everything from white papers to podcasts and webcasts, look no further than Western Asset. They’re a fully integrated fixed-income management firm with offices in eight countries around the world. Their focus is on providing you with long-term fundamental investing using multiple strategies. One of the ways they look out for you is by systematically identifying mispricings in the market. Whenever there’s a difference between the market’s pricing and their view of fair value, there’s an opportunity for them to help you increase your portfolio. The other big part of their philosophy is seeking multiple sources returns. This is why they look to several different strategies for you every time. With decades of experience dating back to 1971, Western Asset shoots for the most variety in ways to help you get return value on your investment.

Increase Your Assets

Their dedication to tailoring solutions to you and your needs, plus expert-level research and the desire to find multiple options, are what make these three organizations the best asset management firms. As members of the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP) they are among a group of organizations, including the U.S. military, who help offer Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs at a more affordable rate. Visit your local East Providence, RI, representative from these firms today!