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Best Airlines to Travel


Getting around in style is the best way to travel. When you’re on the road, a dependable Nissan lets you get there safely and with confidence. With the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP), members of the Nissan family have a more affordable way to get behind the wheel of a reliable car or SUV.

When it comes to air travel, it’s just as important to fly in a vehicle that you can count on—and that’s why we partnered up with the best airlines to travel on. In this month’s VPP Spotlight, Stateline Nissan explores how airline employees in East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket can save on a vehicle that’ll give you a comfortable ride after you’ve landed.

American Airlines | Follow on Facebook

With the largest fleet of airplanes in the world, American Airlines can take passengers wherever they want to go. Their family of employees stretches around the globe with flights to over 300 locations in over 50 countries. By featuring a lineup of 950 planes, their dedicated staff can safely send out around 6,700 flights a day.

This iconic airline has a large network across the country, including its headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth and regional hubs in 10 of the largest airports in the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

With so many locations and a diverse extended family of employees, it’s important to offer some variety. The lineup of cars and SUVs from Nissan does just that. By partnering with American Airlines, employees can use the VPP to save on a vehicle that’s just what you’re looking for.

Delta Airlines | Follow on Facebook

With a large presence in Boston and hubs from Atlanta to Seattle/Tacoma, Delta Airlines can also take you to every corner of the country and beyond. This legacy airline has also teamed up with Nissan VPP to help its employees travel safely on the ground, too.

Their fleet features over 850 aircraft circling the globe in reliable planes from Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and Aerobus. Inside some of their latest Aerobus models, you’ll even find comfortable leather seats with premium cross stitching.

Back home, Delta employees can enjoy that same style and dependability with sporty and refined interior options inside vehicles, such as the sleek Nissan Maxima, the versatile Nissan Rogue, and the efficient Nissan LEAF®.

Delta’s motto is simply, “keep climbing.” Nissan agrees. While Delta recently added services like Wi-Fi to their flights, Nissan also continues to add features to give drivers a safer and more comfortable traveling experience.

Embark on an Adventure

Whether you’re hopping a flight to see the world or taking a road trip, a vehicle that’s comfortable, safe, and loaded with convenient features always makes traveling more fun. The best airlines to travel with can go anywhere. With the Nissan VPP, employees can rely on having a dependable vehicle waiting for you when you get home.

To learn more about the Nissan VPP and how American Airlines and Delta employees in East Providence, Cranston, and Pawtucket can qualify, visit Stateline Nissan.