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Basic Guidelines for Vehicle Maintenance

ASK AL – What are the basic guidelines for vehicle maintenance?

Nothing beats the smell of a new car and the surety that comes from its reliability. Just like anything, it takes discipline and a good understanding of key maintenance items that will prevent future headaches and costly repairs. Stateline_AskAl_Blog

To provide you with the best possible action items, I spoke to our Service Manager here at Stateline Nissan, Dan Beakey. He offered a quick set of routine guidelines for you to best take care of your vehicle.

1. CHANGE YOUR OIL. In the New England area, you should expect to change your oil every 3750 miles. It’s true that there are some cases that will allow you to change your oil when you have accrued more mileage, but every geographic area is different and with our severe weather, more maintenance is required.

2. TIRE ROTATION. We suggest that you rotate your tires every other oil change. This is one area that many overlook. Keep in mind, the front tires wear more quickly than the rear tires and to get the most life out of your tires and create an even tread, you want to rotate them. Here at Stateline Nissan, when you have us rotate your tires, we are in the position to check other parts, including your brakes. Worn brakes can lead to the need for new rotors – a very costly mistake.

3. REPLACE THE ENGINE AIR FILTER. The Engine Air Filter should be changed every 15,000 miles to best optimize performance and gas mileage in your vehicle. Failure to do this promotes unmetered air or debris into the engine which will eventually cause engine failure.

4. REPLACE THE CABIN AIR FILTER. The Cabin Air Filter should be changed every year or every 15,000 miles. Not every vehicle has a Cabin Air Filter, so it’s important you inquire about this maintenance opportunity. The Cabin Air Filter is responsible for filtering the air that goes into the passenger cabin. It prevents debris from entering the cabin and helps to keep the air clean. This is important for anyone – and even more important when riding with children or someone with an allergy or asthma issue. Repair04

5. REPLACE WIPER BLADES. No matter what city we find ourselves, our wiper blades need to be changed. They are exposed to the elements every time we drive the vehicle or park outside. A good rule of thumb would be to replace them every 12,000 miles.

Please keep in mind that vehicle manufacturers suggests various maintenance programs to ensure your vehicle runs optimally for years to come. And as I always say, “Just as it is cheaper and safer to maintain our own physical health, it’s cheaper and safer to maintain our vehicle versus replacing parts due to the lack of maintenance.”

If you have any questions, please email al@statelinenissanauto.com. To view our inventory, visit https://www.statelinenissanauto.com/new-inventory/