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Enjoy Authentic Food at These Mexican Restaurants for Cinco De Mayo

It’s time to get excited about Cinco De Mayo as it’s only a few weeks away! Do you know where you’re going to celebrate? Let us give you a few recommendations. Read ahead to learn more about the three best local Mexican restaurants – The Burrito Bowl, Tortilla Flats, and Viva Mexico Cantina & Grill.

The Burrito Bowl

The Burrito Bowl was founded and designed with customization in mind. The Burrito Bowl team knows that everyone’s taste buds are different and that’s why they’ve made it so easy for everyone in your dine-out group for Cinco De Mayo to get exactly what they want without compromising.

You start by choosing your style – go with a traditional burrito, 3-set of tacos, quesadilla, nachos, or burrito bowl. Then, fill it with anything and everything you want. You can even opt for the fresh caught fish of the day. Even add a side of coconut rice of house made chips to round out your order.

Tortilla Flats

For the last forty years, the owners of Tortilla Flats have been striving to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the John Steinbeck novel Tortilla Flat. In this novel, people are “soft hearted, unquestionably loyal to one another, and in complete disregard of social conventions and expectations.”

You can see this philosophy reflected in Tortilla’s unique food and drink menus where Mexican, Cajun, and Southwestern flavors collide. Go traditional with Chicken Mole or Mayan Tacos, or branch out with Flats Habanero Mac & Cheese.

Viva Mexico Cantina & Grill

At Viva Mexico Cantina & Grill, authenticity in their traditional Mexican dishes is their first priority with welcoming hospitality coming in as a close second. The Ruiz family is proud to put their heart and soul into what they do at their restaurant and it’s obvious from the second you walk in the door.

You’re reminded once again, then, when you bite into your meal. Come by for any meal of the day and you won’t be disappointed by Viva Mexico Cantina & Grill. For breakfast, try the Huevos A La Mexicana. For lunch or dinner, dig into their Crispy Taquitos, Taco Salad, or sizzling chicken, steak, pork, or shrimp Fajitas.