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Monthly VPP Spotlight: Alliance Consulting Group

2018 NIssan KicksWith the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program (VPP), qualified members of the Nissan extended family are able to save when they buy a new car or SUV. A stylish and reliable vehicle from Nissan can give you a comfortable commute and help you entertain clients around town.

In this month’s VPP Spotlight, Stateline Nissan looks at one of the organizations that’s partnered with Nissan and shows how the VPP helps employees of Alliance Consulting Group get a more affordable ride.

Alliance Consulting Group

Alliance Consulting Group is a strategy consulting firm that’s located in heart of downtown Boston. Since 1986, their mission has been to guide organizations through rapid systematic changes that boost their performance.

They do this by analyzing their client’s systems and then installing a framework of methods that have proven to be successful with similar clients in the past. Their task force will work directly with the client’s employees to offer support and teach them the new systems.

Nissan FinanceThe members of their consulting teams work with employees in key positions, but primarily focus on senior management. Success starts at the top and by tapping into the upper levels of the organization, they’re able to create strategies with a lasting impact.

While they’re headquartered in New England and work around the region, they also have offices in Chicago, Paris, Munich, and Dusseldorf. Their international client list includes some of the largest corporations in industries, such as:

  • Banking
  • Entertainment
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • Healthcare

Throughout their experience of working in these industries, they’ve proven that taking action can result in change and produce results. In addition to setting up the strategy and forming joint teams with the client’s employees, Alliance Consulting Group also leaves their clients in a position to continue their success.

Nissan Kicks Any new methods, data, and analytics that were set up during the consultation process are kept in place, so they can continue to serve the client and be revised and improved upon going forward.

Using their market-based analysis, adaptable methods, and task force of consulting experts, Alliance Consulting Group regularly causes changes and produces greater results for their clients.

Contact Alliance Consulting Group

If you’re a business owner in East Providence, Cranston, or Pawtucket who’s interested in increasing your organization’s productivity, contact Alliance Consulting Group. They’ll be able to assess your practices and give you a detailed analysis on how they can be adjusted and improved.

As a member of the VPP, they’re also closely connected to the dynamic lineup of vehicles at Stateline Nissan. After you’ve improved your business, check out the selection of stylish and reliable cars and SUVs on our lot and take a test drive. Each one offers helpful technology for a safe and comfortable ride. With the help of Alliance Consulting Group and the VPP, you’ll have an easier and more affordable path to getting behind the wheel.

Stop by their LinkedIn page to learn more about Alliance Consulting Group!